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Monday, May 15, 2006

Cauliflower coconut curry soup

I'm working on a special project so I'll be ever so brief:

I put about eight skinned chicken thighs in a pot with some fresh (well, frozen) curry leaves, covered with water, added salt, and brought to a boil. Then I brought the chicken down to a simmer and added one finely-chopped head of cauliflower and a grated 2-inch stub of fresh tumeric. I also threw in a chunk of onion. When the chicken was pretty much cooked I added a can of coconut milk and juiced a lime. I served this over jasmine rice.

If you have the time and energy, remove the leaves and the chicken when it's cooked and puree the rest of the soup. Shred the chicken and add it back in. But I made my family pick off the chicken from the bone while still in the soup.

This soup rewards minimal effort with undeservedly rich flavor. If you don't have fresh tumeric use dried. If you don't have fresh curry leaves just dump in a little curry powder. It'll probably still taste good, though there is something magical about the combination of curry leaf and cauliflower.


Mary Ellen said...

This sounds yummy and easy.

Question: is there any particular reason you use chicken thighs in this and other recipes?

Adriana Velez said...

I use a lot of chicken thighs for two reasons. First, I prefer dark meat because its more flavorful than white meat (breasts). And I often use thighs on the bone because the bone gives you even more flavor. Many people eschew legs/thighs in favor of breast meat because white is lower in fat. But I think the difference in calories is not great enough to the sacrifice the superior flavor and texture (white can be dry). Some would say that white poached with herbs can be just as delicious, but I've had white poached with herbs -- by a talented cook who when to cooking school -- and it was still a little dry and flavorless compared with dark.

Mary Ellen said...

I dig dark meat, but I've only bought chicken thighs once on purpose very recently and only after reading your blog. Mostly because I want to cook like you when I grow up. Nice to know there are a few good reasons for going dark--besides pandering emulation.

Anonymous said...

Let me add that chicken thighs are far superior in any dish that's going to be cooked for a long time. They also make better fond (= more flavor) if you brown them at the beginning of your recipe. I'd always read suggestions to use them instead of chicken breasts in Cook's Illustrated, but I've never been a dark meat fan so I resisted as long as I could. Now I always use them for the Moroccan couscous, and I make it every 7-10 days.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Adriana. Many happy returns of the day to you.