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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The dog ate my homework

No, the real reasons I haven't posted much lately are 1) we went out for dinner Thursday 2) we were busy over the weekend 3) Jasper went to sleep late on Monday and 4) I went to book club tonight and 5) I've been working on an essay for the Great Whatsit. It should publish Wednesday. Actually, it's up right now, but it's not supposed to be. Some west-coast writer should be on at 8:00 and then I go up at 1:00, but I messed up and published too early. Who knows. Maybe the editors will sort it out for me. Check in the morning and then in the afternoon.

Got some Jamaican beef and chicken patties for dinner -- had them with sauteed collards.

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Co said...

On a side note, dogs really DO eat homework.

In fact, as a teacher, I once had to go to school and tell my students that I couldn't return graded homework to them that day because MY DOG had eaten my STUDENTS' homework. It really did happen to me.