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Monday, May 29, 2006


Charlie Finch

We're wild about Jasper Twitchell's new installation, Glitter on Blue Carpet, recently on view at his parent's home. Not only has Jasper not yet graduated from his MFA program at Yale, he hasn't even started nursery school. We hear Jack Tilton won't stop calling, but his parents are coy when we question his future gallery plans.

We asked Jasper about this installation recently. What was his inspiration? He was vague, saying something about how he likes glitter and pixels into pictures, little holes and little holes. How did Mom and Dad react to his recent creation? We received a sharp rap on the forehead with a stuffed monkey when we posed this question, but rumor has it that Dad vacuumed it up soon after it was photographed. So much for Jasper's legacy! Jasper was unperterbed, however, perhaps because he was planning his next masterpiece, Poo Poo in Bathtub (no photo available).

Such is the nature of the next generation's artists! They are comfortable with the transitory nature of their work, happy to create and unattached to the final results. We will continue watching with rapt attention.

Jasper explores his installation

The artist

With apologies to Charlie Finch and Artnet


Anonymous said...

Too funny - love the pictures of our future President. Who's day was it to watch Jasper?????? :-)

shaunamama said...

Oh my goodness!! I about died laughing! What a darling post. I love it! What a total crack up. Our daughter did something similar but her medium was black crayon on refrigerator.