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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo commemorates a key battle the Mexicans won against the French -- in a war they eventually lost. It is not celebrated widely throughout Mexico, only in a few villages. But here in America it's become a holiday in which many of us look up and say, "oh yeah, I'm Mexican! Um, guess we better make some guacamole or something."

Our neighbor invited Jasper to have dinner with her three-year-old daughter, so Lane and I practically ran out of the building to have an evening out on our own. We had Mexican, of course.

Tomorrow I'll grill some pork chops. In the meantime, our favorite WFMU dj, Trouble, will be posting a Mexican recipe on the station's blog. And check out a real live Mexican chef's blog. If your Spanish is a little rusty you'll still enjoy the pictures.

While everyone with HBO has been watching Big Love we've been watching Texas Ranch House. It was easy to get indignant over the state of the vegetable garden (PICKLES, people! and what do you mean you don't usually eat vegetables?!?), the avoidable flies infestation, the fandango dishes that went neglected for a week, the cornball feminist moment when the ranch wife talks her husband into letting her housemaid become a ranch hand, which was unbelievably impractical. But I can't help wondering how I'd look if the cameras were on in my own apartment. Would my little ranch house fare any better?


moe said...

I liked Texas Ranch House but, the Cookes didn't really embrace their history or try to live like a real 1867 ranchers family. The Maura the 'girl of all work', along with Mrs. Cooke seemed to want to rewrite history with their feminist agenda.

I enjoyed the show but, I think the producers selected these ultra-feminist pushy women on purpose to create conflict. I would have been more interested in seeing the details of 1867 life on a ranch instead of 21st century battles for power. The whole show would have been better without the Cooke family.

Oh, and my ranch house is a mess so I better go clean those dishes before the flies come. That's THIS MORNINGS dishes not dishes from WEEKS ago. Duh!

Adriana Velez said...

I completely agree that the producers set up the conflict. My issue wasn't with their feminism itself or with their assertiveness. It was with their lack of imagination and historical sense of history in carrying out their principles.

Playing the "I wanna be a cowgirl" card was just too obvious. Mrs. Cooke should have said, "you want to be a feminist? The feminist thing to do in 1867 would be to HELP ME."

It would have been far more interesting if the women had asked themselves "how would a gutsy woman of wit and intelligence have handled this situation 150 years ago, given her culture and experiences?" That would be a greater intellectual challenge for them and much better theater for us.

But then, it was also interesting to see how difficult it is to escape who we are and where we come from. And it was facinating to see people fail!

Co said...

I am not familiar with Texas Ranch House. What channel is it on?

I remember, Adriana, when you organized Cinco de Mayo at our old stomping ground workplace. That was fun.