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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tarzan not for two-year-olds

Oh who cares what I made for dinner. Frozen ravioli with chopped tomatoes and bacon. I'm editing another book so we're heading into another cooking slump for the next few days. The upside? I'm learning so much about aliens! Also I can now afford to buy a bikini at Diana Kane instead of Target.

Last night we saw Laurie Simmons' Music of Regret. Say what you will about the art world being a poor man's Hollywood (not to mention the New Yorker's pooh-pooh review), compared with those insufferably ponderous Barney dirges this was delightful. I loved it. It's entertaining, stars Meryl Streep, and is even a little funny! I say, more art films like this, please!

Meanwhile, we left Jasper home with a wonderful sitter and Disney's Tarzan, newly arrived from Netflix. What was I thinking? HIS PARENTS DIE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MOVIE. Not to mention a baby ape is also killed in the first five minutes. From there it's one loud, violent chase after another loud, violent fight scene. I don't know why I thought this movie would be about happy animals dancing and singing along with Phil Collins in the jungle. Tarzan not for two-year-olds. Tarzan for six-year-olds -- maybe.


ticklethepear said...

Ugh. I still don't understand why people consider Bambi a classic. I'm still traumatized.

Co said...

Don't get me started on the cultural fascination with "the orphan" in film and literature. Damn! That should've been my undergrad thesis!

As an ACTUAL orphan, I've always found it to be a little grating. It's so NOT romantic in real life. And definitely a scary concept for very young children.

So, from vampires to aliens, huh? You should incorporate yourself as "Supernatural Editing, Inc." or something. That's cool.

And I know what you mean about work affecting the ability to cook.