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Monday, June 19, 2006

Dog days of summer

Jasper and I made our first visit to the beach today. It was a perfect day for it -- sweltering in the city but breezy on the beach. I read an essay by the undeniable Sandra Tsing Loh about going to the beach in LA every day with her two small children and eating hot dogs. Here's what she says about the beach in LA:

If you're feeling a bit fat, feeling a bit gassy, feeling a bit un-camera-ready, there's no better place to hide [than the beach]. That's one of the great secrets about Los Angeles: No one remotely cool ever goes to the beach.

Deep into August, the cool people are busy doing their cool things, which is to say they're taking a meeting, cutting an alum, doing a film. If movers and shakers are on the sand, it's never here. It's in St. Bart's or somewhere.

Sounds a lot like the city beaches here in New York. And here's Sandra on why she buys plain Lay's potato chips:

Don't waste your time with Kettle Chips. There are too many flavors, it's getting way too complicated, it gives me a headache--you've got collapsing kids in a van outside, and there you stand inside in front of endless racks of gourmet chips, time itself slowing down as you ask yourself: "Yes, but would I want a bag of cilantro-lime-habanero-Muenster-pepper chips--with just a splash of apple vinegar? Would I? Could I? Who am I?"

One day she makes the terrible mistake of buying chicken/turkey franks instead of beef and her friend gives her a dark look and says, quietly, "If it doesn't have at least 28 grams of fat in it, I'm not interested." She knows her friend is right. After all, you need an extra layer around the body in order to swim in that 64-degree Pacific water. And you need the potato chips and "Hidden Valley ranch dip mix (made with full-fat sour cream), a couple of fistfulls of Toll House pull-apart-'n'-bake cookies, and a bracing swig of 'The Captain' (as in Morgan's, rum, just for the heck of it)."

Wasn't that fun. But here on the East Coast the water is warmer so we don't have the polar bear excuse. So for dinner we had our hot dogs with a sober but still tasty salad of chopped cucumbers, mint, garlic scrapes, and yogurt. Oh well, at least it was whole milk, full-fat yogurt.

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