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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lamb's quarters: weed or delicacy?

These are lamb's quarters.

Some people consider them weeds. I bought a locally-grown bunch today and steamed them. They have a firmer texture than spinach and taste vaguely of asparagus, without that particular funkiness. The also have an unfortunate fuzzy texture. I can see why there's not a huge market for lamb's quarters.

The main course was gnocchi. After cooking two packages of fresh gnocchi I put it all back into the hot pot with some sliced salami, reconstituted wild mushrooms (much better than that sounds), some of the mushroom broth, a little olive oil, and shaved Parmesan cheese.

For dessert, locally-grown strawberries -- smaller, sweeter, and more intensely-flavored than your typical grocery store variety.


Writermama said...

I LOVE locally grown strawberries. And thanks for posting on lamb's quarter. I've been perplexed by it since it started showing up at my local farmer's market this season. It doesn' look like its name at all.

Scott Holtzman said...

Regarding lamb's quarter, it was pernicious in growth on my property. I pulled & yanked all throughout the first year.

Come to find out, after raising up some Rohde Island Red hens this year - They Love It! Now I keep a patch of it growing by the coop, they in turn grace me with beautiful brown eggs for breakfast - TASTY!