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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ode to a Tuscan bread salad

Do you soak the bread in water first
Or just let the tomatoes soak the water?
Rub the bread with garlic?
Do you add anchovies and capers
Or not?
If so, chop the anchovies and add to the dressing
Or just toss whole?
Red wine vinegar
Or balsamic?
Or no vinegar?
Basil or parsley
Or both?
I don't know
I'm not Tuscan

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janeannechovy said...

I think folks are not of one mind as to how soggy the bread should be. Mostly I think it's just supposed to soak up the tomato juices and olive oil. My friend and former neighbor, chef Katherine, brought a really great panzanella to a block party in which she had kind of croutonned the bread first, and it had all kinds of other yummy tidbits in it: capers, corn, beans, peppers, etc. It was absolutely to die for. If my tomato plot produces anything to speak of this year, I'll be calling her for some tips.