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Because maybe you do care what I had for lunch...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cheap deli sushi

We certainly do love it.

No post tomorrow. We'll be watching Yo La Tengo at Celebrate Brooklyn. Think The Life Aquatic only without Wes Anderson. You should go, too, if you can!


Janet M. Kincaid said...

Sometimes, cheap deli sushi is the best, isn't it? Sort of like ball park hot dogs being delicious when you go to a baseball game. No explaining it; it just is what it is!

And Jasper is just getting more and more handsome as the weeks go by. (Or is that handsomer? Hm. There's a grammar puzzle for the day.)

liz said...

I am getting sushi for dinner tomorrow becasue I keep looking at this photo and drooling!

Adriana Velez said...

Thanks Janet -- I'd say he's getting more handsomer, but I tend to overstate my sentiments when it comes to my son.