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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ginger pork crock pot roast

1 1/2 pound pork roast
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 cup chicken stock*
1 cup water
1 medium ginger root, peeled and cut in nickel-sized pieces
2 (or more) shallots, roughly chopped

Brown pork on all sides before placing in crock pot. Cover with liquids and add ginger and shallots. Cook until pork reaches internal temperature of 140 degrees (2 hours on low for my crock pot). Remove pork when done and let rest for at least 10 minutes. Serve with sauce and shallots, but discard ginger pieces.

I used the cooking juices to make brown rice (so good), but you could also reduce the liquid and drizzle it as a sauce. The snow peas you see are a fun local variety, thicker than most and curved. They would be great with a dip, if you ever happen to see them at your own local market.

My neighbor introduced me to the surprisingly tasty Swiss grapefruit yogurt a few months ago. I liked it a lot, so the other day she gave us some grapefruit Campari sorbet by Blue Moon. Grapefruit! Is there anything more refreshing? Also, at Jasper's suggestion, we made popsicles this afternoon from pomegranate juice. I know this stuff is being touted everywhere as the next great health food and that makes me want to run in the other direction, but I like the popsicles. They have a complex flavor that's just tart enough.

*Instead of 1 cup stock and 1 cup water I used 2 cups of the liquid I made from poaching some chicken the other day. The poaching liquid is not as concentrated as chicken stock.


Lindsey said...

I am totally going to make this next week. Not only does it look easy and delicious, but no stove involved. I'm jealous of your rooftop garden and dining.

Lindsey said...

I forgot to say how cute Jasper is in this picture and every other picture on your blog. He is absolutely adorable!