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Friday, July 28, 2006

Great news

Poo poo in the poty! For the first time! POO POO. In. The. Potty. Did you hear me? Wait, don't click away -- this is a big deal. OK, OK, how about this, then: we finally got an air conditioner. Going with CO's suggestion we got an upright (the size of a Volkswagen), but Consumer Reports suggests getting a dual exhaust otherwise you're just throwing money out the window. Finally, we get to join the rest of civilized society and contribute our fair share of thermal pollution. Hallelujia! Also we've gone from an 80% chance of killing each other with our bare hands by the end of summer to a scant 3%. Hooray for us!

OK, you're bored with that? How about this one: Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed sat right in front of us at Celebrate Brooklyn last night. They were there to see their pal Philip Glass, and Kronos Quartet accompany the movie Dracula. A thunderstorm chased us all away, though. How appropriate for Dracula! Too bad -- thanks to Monroe we had perfect seats prime for enjoying the goofy monkey faces Glass always makes at his performances. Also, Dracula is good, campy fun. If you must know, Anderson was wearing something gauzy and white and Reed was all in black, with a little dog on his lap -- maybe a Jack Russel terrier.

I love fantasizing about the Anderson/Reed home life. After all those drugs Lou needs all the corners softened. So he pads around a palatial downtown loft in black silk pajamas with matching kimono and slippers. There he is, reading the Times with wire-framed glasses over a mug of green tea. Laurie has him on a vegan diet. Both have their own recording studios where they disappear for much of the day. Around dinnertime their cook comes in and makes something edifying and scrumptious with greens, tofu, and brown rice, and they converse quietly.

Today I made pesto with my garden-variety basil and the lemon basil our friend Alex gave us. I toasted some pine nuts and just eyeballed everything else. No measuring today, it's too damn hot. I cooked some ravioli in the afternoon, stowed it away (after tossing with olive oil) in the frige, and when Lane gets home I'll stir in the pesto with some tomatoes. And that's dinner.

I have to go. Lane isn't home yet, Jasper is whining for a nap (at 10 to 7), and for some reason the curtains are on the kitchen floor with the ride-on truck.


liz said...

YAY for Jasper!!

I heard a great tip for the successful first poop they had the fav superhero call the house to tell them how proud he was!

Lane could totally be spiderman on the phone from the neighbor's! I say give it a shot and report back for the rest of us who have that journey ahead.

Great post- I can 'hear' your mood today and it's full of energy (?).

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. May it be the first of many many more to come. He won't be REALLY grown-up, though, until he wipes his own bum. And gets it clean. :)

shaunamama said...

Yay!! It's only a matter of time before the next step.."Jasper...PLEASE shut the lid, son after you're done! PLEASE!"

Lindsey said...

Congrats on the poop. But, really I'm more excited for you to have a/c. I have been imagining how you have been living here every summer without one. I have to get me one of those upright a/c units.