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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Herb stuffed pork chops with cherry arugula salad

I bought four thick, toothsome, boneless chops and sliced each lengthwise, leaving one side uncut (a hinge). Then I stuffed each chop with fresh rosemary, thyme, and savory. If I'd had cornmeal on hand I would have used that as a coating. Instead I dredged each chop in a mixture of uncooked grits, salt, and pepper and browned the chops on each side, two at a time. Then I covered the chops, lowered the heat, and cooked for about half an hour. When the chops were done I removed them to rest. Meanwhile I added a bit of red wine to the pan juices and reduced to almost a syrup. I strained the sauce over the chops for a little extra flavor. I served the chops with the herbs inside and let each diner remove them just before eating.

Looking at the cherries at the Coop I had a hunch they'd go well with arugula. They do! I also added some chopped spring onion, but if you happen to have sweet Vidalia onions at your market that would probably be even better. We had steamed corn on the cob on the side.

One of my hens and chicks bloomed recently. Nifty!

No post tomorrow -- we'll be watching Dracula and listening to Kronos Quartet at Celebrate Brooklyn. Here's what I did with "my" purple Celebrate Brooklyn t-shirt, which Jasper commandeered. I also made a little pair of pants from the original t-shirt, but we're potty training these days and he's spending a lot of time pantsless. Don't you wish you had an excuse to hang around pantsless all day? Jasper thought it especially important that you see the little pom pom he's holding up.

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shaunamama said...

Oh, Adriana, I am so trying this recipe (the pork chops, maybe the salad, too) on Friday. It sounds absolutely delicious!
I can't wait to see the pics!