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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just another salad

We were out all day today, plus the Coop suffered a power outage yesterday and just regained power this afternoon, so no point in shopping (though we did score a lot of ice cream our neighbor helped rescue yesterday). I did the old refrigerator/pantry roundup and came up with mixed baby greens, arugula, chick peas, bacon, and cashews. Oh, it wasn't the best salad I've ever had in my life; but with some sourdough bread on the side it was good enough.

Maybe I was inspired by Jasper's request this morning for a paper salad.

I took Jasper to his first movie today! We saw Cars. The moment I saw the trailer for this movie nearly a year ago, I knew it was pretty much unavoidable and had been dreading it ever since. But despite the New Yorker's review (and who takes them seriously for kids' movies, anyway?) it was enjoyable enough. More importantly, Jasper was thrilled to be in a theater for the first time. The sound and spectacle held him spellbound through the previews and most of the movie, though he did talk and exclaim throughout. The movie is on the long side, and he spent the last half hour or so watching the movie from the aisle and other seats. I let him. It was his first movie, after all, the theater was tiny, and the other people there were also parents and their small children.

Meanwhile, bad news on the air conditioning front. We just had to live in a landmark building, didn't we? Our 120-year-old casement windows will not accommodate ordinary air conditioners. If we want cold air we're going to have to shell out for specialty units like our neighbors' ($1500 each). So now Lane and I are faced with the dilemma: how much do we want to stay cool? Obstinate cheapskates that we are, how much cash are we willing to part with in order to save ourselves from heat stroke?

So far the answer to this question has been easy. Our apartment is usually pretty cool, with a cross breeze and large trees in front of the windows. We are uncomfortable only when the temperature hits the 90's. If August shapes up to be like July and we have only a couple horrid days of heat we won't bother. Meanwhile, the air conditioner Lane bought will fit in his studio, so if we get really desperate maybe we'll just sleep there. Lovely!


liz said...

I love it: "the pantry round-up".

Co said...

My friend Whimsy wanted to create a board game in which you have to take the random items in your fridge and pantry and try to make an edible meal out of them. You know, board game imitates life.

Sorry about the A/C. I agree. It doesn't seem worth it if there are only a few really hot days. Today is nice so far. (Although what about one of those non-window, stand-up units? I don't know how pricey those are.)

Janet M. Kincaid said...

I love doing "pantry round-up," as you call it. When the Swizzies lived near me in California, I use to go over to their house, open the fridge, take whatever was in there and make a meal out of it. Some of the yummiest and funniest meals have happened that way. (I've also had some horrible outcomes, which we graciously labeled "failed lab experiments." For example, the time I tried to make a cold soup out of melons. Yuck.)