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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Leek and fennel braised chicken with couscous

4 chicken legs
3 T butter
2 leeks, sliced lengthwise and green tops discarded
1 large fennel bulb, sliced and separated
1 cup broth (vegetable, chicken, beef, whatever)

Brown chicken legs two at a time and set aside. Drain fat and melt butter in cast iron large cast iron pot (or other similar pot). Place leeks cut side down in butter and let simmer while you cut fennel. Layer fennel on leeks, then chicken on fennel. Pour in stock (I used mushroom but just about any kind would work), cover, and cook on low at least half an hour.

When chicken is done remove with cooked vegetables and set aside. Boil remaining stock and use for couscous. I used Israeli couscous (or pearl, depending on how strongly you feel about the current crisis), which has a larger grain, so I poured the couscous directly into the broth, covered, and cooked on low for about five minutes. Otherwise, for regular couscous pour broth over a bowl of couscous and cover for same amount of time. Fluff and serve. The couscous at the very bottom of the pot browned a little, which was a very good thing indeed.

My sister sent Jasper this splendid cowboy shirt from Denver. I bought the hat at Reams in Utah last month. By the way, I cannot get the boy to sit still AND smile at the same time.

Check out the fringe, hombre. Thanks, auntie!


shaunamama said...

I do believe he is the cutest cowboy I've seen yet!

My hubby's job was going to send him to NY for a couple of days but it fell through....I'm so disappointed because I was going to go with. Now they're sending him to Georgia instead. No. I'm not going to Georgia.

Lindsey said...

Mmm. That looks tasty!