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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Open-faced roast beef and fig sandwiches

I combined this idea and this idea to make these sandwiches:

pumpernickel bread
Dijon mustard
roast beef slices
fig slices
blue cheese

Layer ingredients on bread in that order and eat with water chilled with cucumber slices.

By the way, I finally got the cord for the camera and updated yesterday's post with a photo of the salad. I also added a key ingredient I forgot to mention -- onions. Alas, no photo of today's sandwiches, which is too bad. They were pretty, I have to admit.

Here is our mystery vegetable, replanted next to some lemon basil our friend, Alex, gave us from his garden. Still not sure what it is.

And here's one of our Artemisia plants. Jasper loves these for their fluffy, soft foliage. This one has been loved to death -- he keeps gathering it all in his arms and then plunging in.


Anonymous said...

Does your mystery plant have little tendrils coming off it? I can't tell from the picture, but if it does it looks pretty much identical to the Asian cucumber I'm trying to grow this year. It has the same cute little yellow blossoms, but no fruit set as of yet. I'm trying to train mine using one of those spiral tomato stakes--the plant in the picture the people had who sold me the seedling showed how the cucumbers would grow nice and long and straight if the plant is staked.

I hear it's been beastly hot in NYC, which goes a lot toward explaining your menu of late. It's been lovely here, but I still feel like summery food. Tonight's fare was grilled local Chinook salmon with pineapple-cucumber-mint salsa (recipe from Cook's Illustrated, surprise surprise).

Adriana Velez said...

Beastly it certainly has been, though we got a lot of lovely rain today. What a relief.

Pinapple salsa -- that sounds so refreshing! (one of Jasper's new favorite words) Martha has a pinapple/tomatillo recipe in the July issue. I'll have to try that soon.