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Monday, July 17, 2006

Pepa's gazpacho

Uncle! After a dozen years of living in New York City I'm finally ready to give up on my militant stand against air conditioning. We're buying a unit tomorrow.

What I wanted to make for dinner tonight was the gazpacho from Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown:

sleeping pills
I think I remember seeing her dump a bottle of vodka in there as well

Blend well and serve to as many members of your household as possible.

What I made instead was egg salad spiked with nothing more threatening than chili powder, gherkins, and spring onions.


shaunamama said...

Are you crazy from the heat? Us, too! It's a dry heat here, but for the last couple of days it's been really humid. I know from living in Oklahoma how stifling and exhausting humid heat can be over time, so I'm feeling your pain Adriana!

Co said...

I hear you about the heat and the militant stance. I survived for 2 years in North Carolina with no A/C. I didn't cave and buy an A/C in NYC until I started working freelance... and then I only did it because I was reminded that not having A/C could screw up my computer and make it impossible for me to get my work done. Even so, I don't put it on all that often. But the last 2 days... it's been ON. I applaud your decision to give in.