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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Coconut curry #574

1 T crushed coriander seeds
1 T (or more) curry powder
2-inch stub of ginger, grated
2-inch stub of turmeric, grated
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 cans coconut milk
salt to taste
cauliflower head, chopped
tofu (or chicken cutlets)
package frozen peas

Toast seeds and curry in hot pan first, allowing to release aroma. Then add ginger, turmeric, and garlic, mashing together into a paste. Gradually stir in coconut milk. If you use chicken, add that before the cauliflower. Otherwise, add tofu just before cauliflower is finished. Simmer on high until sauce thickens. Add peas just before serving.

I found some unsweetened grated coconut at the Coop, so I topped with that. We had this with brown basmati rice.

It occurred to me last night that my offhand mention of discarding the diapers sounded like an announcement that potty training is a fait accompli. Not so. So not so. It's just that I think potty training is more effective if you just stop using diapers and let the, er, chips fall where they may. Sure we have accidents (especially when Lane's in charge), but Jasper is in touch with the results of those accidents. My hunch is that keeping a kid in diapers -- even "training" diapers -- sends the message that we're not really serious about this potty business.

Most of all, I hate those pull-up diapers. I think they're just the diaper industry's last grasp at customers. I hate all those stupid pictures on the diapers. I hate the idiotic bells and whistles -- gets cold when wet! Sets off bells and lights when wet! How about something that just gets wet when it's wet like, oh I don't know, UNDERWEAR!!!

The New Basics has almost been my childcare Bible, and I like Cohen's take on potty training especially. Just let the kid run around pantless as much as possible. Of course, he had daughters who pretty much potty trained themselves. If I hear one more parent tell me their kid just potty trained themselves... well, that's another rant for another day.

Anway, I keep spare undies, pants, and a plastic bag with me for emergencies. And we put Jasper in plastic-covered training undies overnight. It's two steps forward, one step back, but he's doing well. Everyone tells you not to put pressure on your kid by scolding or by praising too much. He'll get there eventually.


shaunamama said...

I'm definitely making this one. It sounds divine!

My son didn't train way NO how! I had help from Spiderman. Have I shared the Spiderman story with you about potty training? You know how my son LOVES Spidey. When he was potty training, he did the pee part just fine (80% of the time). It was the other that he just didn't get the hang of for some reason. I had my brother-in-law call him as Spiderman and that he was really proud of him going in the potty. That's all it took. One call and he remembered from then on to just go!We had a few accidents here and there, but it was only when he was SO involved in playing he didn't want to take the time out to go.
Good luck with the rest. It'll happen so fast in relation to how long he will be without them, it'll blow your mind. Hugs to you all!

Co said...

I, too, will definitely be making that recipe. Sounds so good...

Tania said...

Rebekah potty trained herself - sorry. However, after proclaiming to Rick that potty training was a piece of cake, Emily took forever!

Gerber used to make plain white cotton underwear with a thicker section in the middle for training. I haven't looked in a few years, but that's what I used. Maybe they still make them.

Jacob has just become aware of his pee. Yesterday I decided that to make it easier on myself, I'd bath Jacob & Jane together. Tonight, right before I popped her in the tub with him, he sent a lovely arc of pee right into her bath seat, then laughed histerically. That pretty much put an end to the double bath for a while!

We're not even going to think about potty training for a year ...