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Monday, August 07, 2006

May May I have some dim sum?

I've been going to Chinatown's May May for years. The make wonderful shumai-style dim sum and pot stickers and sell all sorts of other fun things, from Pocky Sticks to those banana leaf-wrapped rice balls with fresh peanuts and pork. I've never seen the proprietors be so ooey-gooey sweet with a customer as they were today, though. They've always been nice enough in the past but today I almost felt like we'd taken Jasper to see his Chinese grandparents. One fussed over Jasper, helping him with his (oh the shame of it) Hello Kitty candy, while the other plied me with funny, floral chrysanthemum tea almost as sweet as she was.

At any rate, the little morsels make a great quick dinner. We had mushroom, crab, and vegetarian (with luscious bits of spinach) dumplings. Later this week we'll have some pork pot stickers.

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