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Thursday, August 24, 2006

You can't fake barbecue pork

Like George the monkey, I've been curious lately. I kept eyeing this pre-cooked barbecue shredded pork at the Coop and wondering if it's any good. I tried it today. And it's not.

First let's discuss the presentation. I open the package and see vomit. This is not hyperbole for dramatic effect, it really did look like vomit, except maybe a bit less colorful. Then there's the texture -- mushy and a little watery. The taste is actually the least offensive aspect, though that's just to say it was somewhat bland and too sweet.

I added chopped tomatoes and red onion, chile powder, and lots of salt. This helped. I think a little lime and cilantro would have improved it a bit, too. Then we stuffed the meat into corn tortillas with avocado. It wasn't bad, really, once we'd doctored it up. Good enough for a Thursday night dinner.

Lessons learned: it's worth it to barbecue and shred your own pork. I think Wellshire just boils this stuff and stirs in the sauce. Also, I will live if dinner turns out to be somewhat mediocre every once in a while.


Co said...

I too once felt the pre-cooked meats calling me... "It's so easy," the meat said to me as I was walking by. "You should buy me and try me." I never bought it again. Although I never think to doctor things up. I can see how, doctored up, it could be good or at least reasonable palatable.

shaunamama said...

If ever I was curious about those meats, I am no longer. Thanks for that cure!

Ilovespanish said...

I am now a vegetarian, but used to love pork, so thanks for not tempting me. Have any good ideas for all those cheap organic tomatoes at the co-op?