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Friday, September 29, 2006

Don't be afraid of the spinach, man

Just use locally-grown greens and cook them. These leaves are from Markristo Farms in Hillsdale, New York. I wilted them in some garlic and olive oil.

Roasted chicken again, this time with yukon gold potatoes, pearl onions, herbs, and lots of olive oil. Oh the drippings, the caramelized oniony drippings. And I'm telling you, slow roasting at a low temperature, turning every 20-30 minutes, makes for juiciest flesh.


Angelbaby72 said...

We have the same bowls!! Weird, huh?

Adriana Velez said...

Yes! Willian Sonoma, right? We got a set as a wedding present and this is the last unbroken bowl. In fact, it's cracked so I probably shouldn't be using it anymore, but I love it. It's just the right size as a serving bowl for a small family. Time to go to Chinatown for replacements.