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Friday, September 15, 2006

In which I demonstrate to myself the wrong way to make a cheesy pasta

For the record, I knew it was a bad idea to just stir in 2 1/2 cups of cheese right into the pasta. My plan was to puree the adorable little red peppers I found at the Coop and use that as the base for a cheese sauce. But what I thought were baby red bell peppers were actually some hotter variety that I knew would be too spicy for Jasper. So I decided to serve the pepper puree separately for the grownups. That left the pork sausage and some chopped zucchini. At least I had the good sense to leave the zucchini and rigatoni a little firm so they could withstand the churning it took to thoroughly mix in all that cheese.

Who knows if the pepper puree would have made a good sauce base for cheese, anyway, come to think of it.

My brother should be arriving back in Salt Lake sometime tomorrow. It's tough here in the big city. Tougher than most people realize until they get here. You can't blame him for trying.

On to a more felicitous subject -- yesterday I bought a t-shirt for Jasper that came with a whole sheet of temporary tattoos. He wanted to apply every single one of the tattoos at once. Can piercing be far behind? My sweet, innocent little boy...


hippittee said...

I enjoy your much for the food (I never would have thought to roast peaches...yum) as for the updates on Jasper. At 18 months old, my youngest son has the word ta-toooo firmly in his vocabulary...after one visit to PetCo (clever little marketing tool)!!

Anonymous said...

When I make mac and cheese for Anders (usually whenever we're leaving him with a sitter), I cook the pasta, then make a little bit of white sauce in the pasta pot. And I mean a little bit--no more than a quarter cup or so for one large serving, not enough to make a real cheese sauce if I were to mix the cheese into it. Then put the grated cheese and the pasta back into the pot and stir. A trick to stirring in cheese: don't try to stir it in and have it be fully incorporated right away. Stir some, then put the lid on and wait for the residual heat to melt it more before stirring it again.

Anyway, that's what always works for me. It makes sure the mac and cheese is more cheesy than saucy, but has just enough sauce to make it all cohesive. I usually throw in a handful of partially-thawed peas, and sometimes some kind of pork product (yum, crispy prosciutto!) to make it more nutritious.

Sorry things didn't work out for your brother--maybe after recharging he can try again?

shaunamama said...

You bro gave up ?! I'm sorry....I'm sure it would have been fun to have family out by yall.
I'm glad for the Jasper installment. He's looking more and more grown up!
The recipe sounds delicious anyway. I'm trying this one.
Hugs to you and yours!

Janet M. Kincaid said...

Yeah! Jasper pictures. Love the tattoos. As for cheese sauces, I'm still too chicken to even attempt them. I have visions of one big, greasy ball of cheese and lots of uncoated pasta.

Swizzies said...

In a very unusual twist on things, I am feeling vaguely superior (for once!!). I can make lovely sauces with just about any kind of cheese. It must be a cooking idiot savant kind of thing. :-)

Writermama said...

This is apropos of nothing, but did you know there's a hurricane churning in the Pacific right now called Lane?

I bet the pasta dish was still delish!

Sorry G. had to go home. You know, I think the big city wasn't quite so hard even 8-10 years ago. I know people with less skills and good looks who moved here then and were able to make it work. The rent-to-paycheck ratio was never this bad.

Anonymous said...

What does CLS stand for? The first thing that popped into my head, of course, was Columbia Law School.

Adriana Velez said..., not Columbia Law School. Claesens, as in the undies company :) The t-shirts I bought are sold as undershirts, but they're nice enough to use as regular t-shirts. I'm thinking of decorating the ones I bought Jasper for next summer.