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Monday, October 23, 2006

Carbonada en zapallo -- but skip the zapallo

This is an Argentine recipe I found in Saveur (November 1999). It's a traditional Italian beef stew cooked in a pumpkin. I was drawn to it because it includes peaches -- peaches! In your beef stew! Alas, though I roasted the pumpkin for the amount of time called for it was still raw by the time I got the stew on the table. Frankly the stew is delicious without the zapallo -- pumpkin. Save yourself an hour and just skip it.

Speaking of pumpkins, Living has some cute images to photocopy and pin on your jack'o'lanterns. Lane and I have been carving pumpkins for years, but there's a special joy to doing it when you have a small child. There's the panic over keeping your little devil boy away from the knives. There's the abandon with which he tears apart your home, digging out your knitting needles to use as swords, flinging little wooden blocks underfoot, while you painstakingly hack away at a large, unforgiving vegetable. How many years have I been carving pumpkins -- and why aren't I getting any better at it? And then there is that final moment when you complete the job and your son glances at it in passing and then continues with his apartment piracy. Ah yes, satisfying indeed.

The phrase of the day was "uh oh, my silliness is back!" Jasper has caught on to what silly means and that it's uproariously hilarious. This is why I think my son is 25% monkey. Lane, that's from your side of the family, right?

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Design Mom said...

I know I'm supposed to like carving pumpkins. And I do like seeing them all lit up. But I kind of dread this part of Halloween.