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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lindsey's balsamic chicken

This week I thought I'd try something new, a theme if you will. Since guest blogging is a little tricky with my particular program I thought I'd do the next best thing: spend a week making recipes found on other people's blogs.

The first up is Lindsey, mother of two little cherubs and one fierce kitchen maven from what I can tell. She has a few blogs, but this balsamic chicken is from her "just recipes" blog. I was pleased to have an excuse to use the good balsamic. Only change I made was to use eight chicken thighs instead of breasts -- as usual, my preference for dark meat. Mashed potatoes would have been great with this, but since we'd had them just yesterday I cut up a whole wheat baguette. After I finished the sauce and poured it over the chicken I wilted some Swiss chard in the same pot using up the remains. You want every last drop of this tangy-sweet sauce.

Lindsey's recent postings on Halloween candy had me humming "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory this morning at the playground. Jasper asked me what I was singing and I told him all about the movie. A movie about candy? We just had to check that out! So we did -- the original, of course.

I remembered how magical the movie is from my childhood. But since I was a rather dull child I hadn't noticed how sly and witty the dialogue is, particularly from Wonka. "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker," he mutters to a parent. "Spitting is a nasty habit," says Violet, picking her nose. "I can think of a worse habit," Wonka responds, dryly. I was smitten by Gene Wilder's Wonka from his very first entrance in the movie, stumbling with a cane and then, suddenly, rolling down the red carpet in a somersault.

Like many adults, Wonka prefers children in the abstract and can barely endure them in person. What he loves is his own genius and teasing both the kids and their parents. What a relief, in these days of childhood obesity, to see such an innocent, frolicksome approach to sugar. And of course, Willy is very much like sugar himself: delightful, entertaining, and a little bit dangerous.

Jasper enjoyed the movie, especially when Violet turns into a blueberry. But the beginning is a little slow for a child his age. There is also a scary scene when the crew travels through a nightmare-strewn tunnel -- images of a chicken getting its head cut off, a millipede crossing a man's face, a bird eating an insect. Otherwise I highly recommend Willy Wonka.


liz said...

entertaining post- and featuring one of my favorite friends- Lindsey!

I was thinking of getting James and the Giant Peach for Zane. I also love the old WW best.

Great project- to try a recipe from a different blog each day.

Anonymous said...

I think the new WW is much less scary. For instance, you see that the kids are more or less okay at the end (instead of having them just disappear). The creepy tunnel part is absent, as is the really scary industrial-espionage dude. I didn't like the scary dentist dad made-up backstory (though I love Christopher Lee otherwise), but I thought the new film had much to recommend it (especially the Oompa-Loompas!!). Do I have to pick one or the other?

I love James and the Giant Peach, but prefer the book. In the movie the rolling peach doesn't kill the horrible aunts, and they reappear at the end. And those were two who really deserved to die!

Sorry, I tend to get excited about Dahl. We've read about as much of him as we've been able to get our hands on.

Anonymous said...

First, let me say how honored I am! I love that recipe so much. I secretly like it better with the thighs. I could drink the sauce.

Second, LOVE the idea.

Third. Willy Wonka is my all-time, hands-down, favorite movie from my childhood. I can't wait to watch it with my kids. (I lent my dvd to a friend and haven't seen it since.) Liz and I loaded up on candy to see the new one. It will never even come close to the classic.

Thanks for the shout-out.

Adriana Velez said...

Lindsay, I could do a whole week on your blog!

JaneAnne, the funny thing is Jasper loves that scary tunnel thing -- this is the same kid who makes us fast forward through the blue meanie scenes in Yellow Submarine -- go figure!

Co said...

I tried this recipe, but put it over rice.

It came out well, but next time I think I'll opt for less vinegar and less chicken broth (I used the max., not the min.).

Thanks for the new recipe, both bloggers involved.