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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A night in Bogota

I had resigned myself to a dull evening at home with Jasper and leftovers while Lane attended some art events in the city. Having just read an article in the Times about eggs for dinner I had a couple of soft boiled eggs over last night's couscous. Not too bad, though Jasper refused it.

I was just wondering what to feed the boy when our friends Alex and Lu called. It was such a lovely night, and their son had taken an extra-long nap. They were headed over to Bogota Bistro for tapas. At first I balked. No, too late to change my lumpish plans and anyway, Jasper was being a pill. But then I thought about the next three or four hours of pill stretching before me I realized we'd be much better off out of the apartment.

Tonight felt tropical, unseasonably warm (75 degrees) and damp. I had a caipirinha and ordered Jasper some yellow rice and rich red beans with fatty chunks of pork, so good. There was great live music and best of all, this being a Latin joint, no one looked askance at the two little boys hanging out so late. This is reason #875 of why I love living here.

Alas, my friends had to run home for an emergency (everything is fine). But 15 minutes later Lane walked in, having gotten my texted invitation. He had the hearty Cubano sandwich and I had the wonderfully flaky beef empanada. We got home just before the thunderstorms started. The storms are bringing colder weather; tomorrow the temperature will drop 20 degrees or so. Well, I'm glad we got our little South American holiday while we could.

To soft boil an egg gently lower eggs into boiling water for 5 minutes (large eggs) to 6 minutes (extra large eggs). Remove eggs and place in icewater. Eggs can be refrigerated or eaten as soon as they're cool enough to peel. Top with whatever you can find -- chopped scallions and tomatoes, maybe some tabasco sauce, or minced tarragon, perhaps some black beans.

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