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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pizza again?

Yes. It's raining and chilly and I wanted pizza.

Pie #1: tomato sauce, thinly-sliced portabello mushrooms, sliced garlic-stuffed green olives, grated mozarella (CO, you can substitute zucchini for the mushrooms)

Pie #2: tomato sauce, carmelized shallots, Cypress Grove Purple Haze chevre

The Coop didn't have my usual pre-made sourdough crust, so I used these lovely pocketless pitas that come out crisper anyway.

Somewhere, in a parallel universe, the childless Adriana is making that authentic and labor-intensive New York pizza Sylvia e-mailed me about a few weeks ago. We will eat dinner sometime around midnight.


Margo, darling said...

Your pizzas rule. They look like cheesy heaven. Whole Foods sells frozen spelt pizza crusts that are my current number one favorite fall back cooking tool. Whatever I get from my weekly vegetable box at the local coop goes onto the pizza in some form or other. Even kale and mustard greens. (If I saute them with garlic and onions first it's almost like spinach). It kind of feels like lazy cooking, but I'm only cooking for myself and I'm not sick of pizza yet, and I'm having fun experimenting with different ways to cook vegetables. Like, for example, if you slice Chinese egg plant too thin before you bake it, you'll have eggplant chip pizza, which, though crunchy, isn't too bad. But those spelt crusts: always perfectly crispy and chewy.

shaunamama said...

We had pizza tonight. I have a great recipe for a crust. You're right...Fridays just scream, "PIZZA!"

Co said...

Thanks for the substitution idea. Zucchini on my pizza? Never tried it, but sounds good.

janeannechovy said...

My current favorite pizza (since I don't eat dairy or tomato sauce for my Klingon's sake) has an olive oil base, roasted red peppers, zucchini, Italian sausage and hazelnuts on a thin chewy crust. Since it's now definitely fall, I think they'll be re-offering their butternut squash sauce soon, if they haven't already.

Adriana Velez said...

CO, just be sure to slice those zucchs thick to avoid little crisps like Margo's eggplant!

JaneAnne, I though about putting squash in my sauce -- I should try that soon. And hazelnuts? Yum! Who is "they" by the way?

janeannechovy said...

I thought I already answered your question, but my comment/answer hasn't shown up. "They" is Hot Lips Pizza, our local foodie pizza chain. They make their own cured meats, and use all organic and local produce. I actually don't recommend their Hawaiian pizza (fresh pineapple doesn't work as well as canned in this application), but everything else we've had has been great. Oh, one other note--spinach doesn't work on a pizza without cheese. It just gets crispy. The zucchini works much better.

And the butternut squash sauce doesn't have any tomato in it, just squash. Amazingly tasty.