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Monday, October 02, 2006

Public service announcement

Remember in Husbands and Wives when Judy Davis's neurotic character gets vitriolic over a chair? "Ooooh, I hate that chair."

Well, I hate this potty chair.

To begin with, it's much larger than it needs to be. The colors aren't very appealing. Why do we need the handles? Toddlers are amazingly agile.

But worst of all is the honeycomb interior. Splashes fall into these pockets, where they dry to a funky yellow and become difficult to clean. To my lasting regret I bought this chair last year without thinking about it very much at all.

This chair (not the one pictured below) has a more appealing design. It's still much larger than necessary, but at least it has truly useful extras (storage for cleaning supplies) instead of all the other inane extras out there on the market -- voice recorders and fake flushing sounds. The splashes will probably still find their way into those nifty little drawers, just so you know.

Ah, but my neighbor passed me this potty (above). Little, simple, easy to clean. Splashes land on the floor, but that's much easier to see and clean as well.

Just a suggestion for you first-time parents getting ready to make the great loo leap.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe in potty chairs--too grossed out by the cleanup. Pee is sterile, sure, but poop is not. We got the Baby Bjorn toilet seat instead. One nice thing about using it was that, when he was quite small, my kid wouldn't try to climb down by himself. That way there was a lower likelihood of an unwiped bum wandering around the house, and I'm all about policing the poop, right?

Adriana Velez said...

Yes, that really is the best solution. That was going to be my next step if my neighbor hadn't given me the chair. I still like a chair because it encourages Jasper's independence (we don't have a bench tall enough for him to get up on the toilet by himself). And he actually demands a cleanup before walking away. But yeah, cleaning the poo out every day is a deeply unpleasant task.

liz said...

so what about the option to connect it to the toulet seat and use their little step-stool option? We aren't officially using it yet, but he likes to get up there and sit. Will it freak him out too much at the beginning when he tried to 'go'?

Adriana Velez said...

I think we'll eventually move to the seat option after he grows taller and can use one of the stools he already has. Right neither of his stools are tall enough and I don't want to buy a third (small apartment)!

But as for letting Zane sit up there -- I wouldn't worry. I think his reaction to actually going will probably have a lot to do with your reaction. If you just smile calmly and say "cool, look what you did" he'll be fine.

Tania said...

We have the Bjorn toilet seat insert too. Jacob loves to sit on it, when he's naked before the bath. He calls it the bear seat (because of the bear picture.) Actually, he just roars and does the "bear" sign, and looks at the toilet, then I know what he wants. We are far from toilet training, but he likes sitting on it, and maybe one day he'll go, and get what it's actually for.

Paul O'Brian said...

As one of those parents with a looming loo leap, thanks for the advice!