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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Roasted pumpkin stew

I cobbled this together using two different recipes from this month's Living magazine. Start by cutting a 1-2 lb pumpkin into eight wedges. Spread the wedges on a rimmed cooking sheet and add about eight cloves of garlic, a dozen shitake mushrooms, a few sprigs of thyme, some sage leaves, a drizzle of olive oil over all, and salt. Bake at 350 degrees for about an hour.

Remove pumpkin from rind and add to stockpot. Cut off the stems from the mushrooms and add the tops to the stockpot as well. Discard all other scraps from the pan. Heat pan over stove and add 2 tablespoons butter. When butter is melted add 3 chopped leeks (white parts only) and saute, scraping up the browned bits. Add 1 cup beer, white wine, or water, and continue stirring a few minutes. Then pour all into stock pot. Add a bundle of thyme and sage (tied together), 2 cups chicken stock, 2 cans white (great northern) beans, and 4 cups water. And salt and pepper (white is especially nice) to taste. Simmer over stove.

Meanwhile, cut tops off of bowl-sized pumpkins and scrape out the seeds. Brush the insides with olive oil and then season with salt and pepper. Roast in oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Soup does not need to cook very long, maybe just 20 minutes. Serve in the pumpkin bowls.

By the way, my favorite thing about deglazing a pan (as you do with the roasted vegetables) is the way it adds flavor to your dish and gives you a head start on cleaning the pan.

Tonight at a dinner party I had pumpkin gratin. Ooooh, it was so good! I need to figure out how to duplicate that. We also had a pumpkin mousse and, for dessert, pumpkin spice cake with rum-spiked frosting -- which you got to spoon on yourself from dainty silver dishes and dainty sliver spoons. Genius catering.

Thanks, everyone, for your comments and suggestions on the new template. I actually got the background close to the color of my kitchen walls. I can't seem to get rid of those grey borders/corners, though, and I'm not sure I like the links sidebar -- also, I foolishly lost all of my links in one hasty keystroke. But here I am, blogging about my blog. Someone stop me! Time for bed.

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Anonymous said...

I made a potato-butternut squash gratin last year. Just thinly slice potatoes and squash, alternate in layers, adding salt and pepper as you go, then pour cream over and bake until fork-tender. I thought it was pretty tasty, but it probably would have been even better with the addition of some crisped sage or crumbled bacon or something lovely and decadent like that.