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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tagliolini gratinati

Did I mention we're going to Venice in December?

A friend of ours is celebrating his 50th birthday by renting out a pensione in Venice for a week and inviting any of his friends/fans who can make it. We counted our pennies this summer and decided we could just make it -- and anyway, couldn't pass up the opportunity. I have a friend who lives in Basel and a mutual friend in Geneva as well, so after our week in Venice we'll head up to Geneva where we'll spend Christmas week at a big house in the country.

I'm getting excited about the trip. It will be the most traveling Lane and I have ever done together, and yes, we're bringing Jasper with us. We've both been to Venice before (separately, before we were married), but during high tourist season. It'll be fun to see the city when it's quieter. And don't get me started on the Christmas Valhalla we'll find ourselves in the week after. I mean, think about it, CHRISTMAS IN SWITZERLAND! Actually, we'll be in a little French village just outside of Geneva, but still!

Anway, I've been digging through my past issues of Saveur for information on Venice and came across the issue I mentioned in yesterday's post. It's a special issue dedicated to Venice, with more coverage than they usually give a single geographic location in a single issue. In the weeks leading up to the big trip I'll be dipping into this issue and trying out my Venice recipes.

Today's recipe isn't actually Venitian. It's an Italian/French hybrid from Harry's Bar. My broiler doesn't work so after I melted the cheese in the oven (it probably got up to around 300 degrees tonight) I took out my trusty blowtorch to toast the top. I ended up with a pool of melted butter on the top, but otherwise this was fantastic. Think macaroni and cheese elevated to the highest level.

I sort of had a bad mom day today. We stayed home all morning, which turned Jasper into a caged tiger. When we finally got out I took him to Blue Apron for the prosciutto in today's dish. While we were waiting he kept getting into everything so I held him -- and he writhed and screamed for me to let him go. I did, but with the stern warning that he was not to touch anything. He immediately sat in a box of sausages and then ran to the other end of the store and threw himself into a shelf of crackers. Thankfully it was not a shelf of glass jars, but boxes went everywhere and I yelled at him. The Blue Apronites were very nice about it (people usually are if they see you get mad at your misbehaving kid) but I had to get out quickly, with my kid under one arm and my cured meat in the other hand.

After a good, energy-expending session at the playground Jasper fell asleep in the stroller on the way home and woke when I tried to carry him upstairs. So he had a 15 minute nap. And then, while I was cleaning the bathroom and picking up the mess he made, he ate all of the candy my mother sent in her Halloween care package. It was just three or four mini Kit Kats, but that's a lot of candy for Jasper. I didn't realize what he'd done until he pointed out the empty candy wrappers.

While I was making dinner he kept getting into the refrigerator and trying to grab and hide items like sticks of butter. I lost it when he grabbed a bowl of freshly grated parmesean and started to run -- I used my Scary Mom voice, possibly for the first time in my life -- when I yelled "NO!" and grabbed the bowl away from him.

Who was that yelling? Was it me? I don't yell that that! At least he didn't seem traumatized by my tone of voice. As I was putting him to sleep he wrapped his arms around me and said, "Mama, you make the best food!" Thank you, son. I won't send you to the wolves tomorrow after all.


Anonymous said...

I am green with envy. I can't think of a better place to spend Christmas.

shaunamama said...

Lucky you!! I hope you guys have a fabulous trip!!