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Monday, October 09, 2006

The terrible twos

I've spent most of this year thinking the "terrible twos" are a myth, and from what I've heard from other parents it's really the threes that raise your hair. But I think we're heading into that territory. After nine months of sweetness and light mischief Jasper is suddenly throwing occasional tantrums. This evening (just as I was trying to cook dinner) I thought we were going to have to call an exorcist.

Thus far, though, the tantrums are less about boundary-testing (though there's been some of that -- fun!) and more about physical needs. He's growing and hungrier than ever. As soon as we got a healthy serving of rice into his belly Jasper was back to his usual delightful self.

So let's look at the score thus far:

From Lane Jasper has inherited: a sunny disposition most of the time, impressive verbal acuity, strong sense of determination.

From me Jasper has inherited: severe morning grogginess, tendency towards being overly intense, habit of turning into a monster when hungry.


Design Mom said...

Apparently you and I share many of the same genes.

Co said...

Oh, come now. You listed 3 wonderful traits from Lane and 3 not-as-wonderful traits from you. I bet Jasper got lots of good traits from you both, and some of what is good about Jasper is all his own.