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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Carmelized pearl onions, prunes, and shiitake mushrooms

I haven't mentioned this to anyone until now, but I've lately been obsessed with the color chocolate brown -- dark chocolate brown. I'm currently in search of chocolate brown wrapping paper for Christmas presents (no, I will not be doing the Martha-appropriate robin's egg-blue ribbon). Each article of clothing I've bought for my family this season (except for Lane's birthday sweaters) has been chocolate brown. I cannot be bothered with the fashion world's imperative that we all shroud ourselves in black again; for me, it's brown, brown, and more brown.

Either it's the apotheosis of my dark chocolate obsession or the manifestation of my truce with the abject, brought about through daily contact with Jasper's poo. Daily contact with someone else's poo can do that to you.

At any rate, when Lane asked me what I was in the mood for dinner Sunday afternoon, I stared at the bare tree branches outside my window and said, "something... dark." He came up with the turkey chili with black beans, which was dark indeed. I carried the theme tonight with the mushrooms and prunes.

It's so easy. Just put some skinned pearl onions, prunes, stemmed shiitake mushrooms in a baking dish and add about 1/4 cup chicken stock and a couple pats of butter. I roasted slow on low heat (about 275), covered, for three hours. Brown, sticky, delicious goo.

Alas, that's all I made for dinner. After I came up with this idea I sort of went blank on what to serve it with and ended up cooking some toasted buckwheat. Lane came home and said, "good, but I wish it were with some pork roast or something." Oh, MEAT!

So if you make this do also roast a nice pork loin. Potatoes mashed with goat cheese (another yummy Thanksgiving idea I heard about recently) would go well. And make friends with brown.


shaunamama said...

How odd that you have an obsession with the same color I've been obsessed with lately as well. I helped my sister accessorize her living room which is a light mocha color with dark chocolate brown and blacks now I can't get enough.

The dinner sounds delish! I have a pork roast that's on the menu for this week....hmmmmm.

Swizzies said...

I love chocolate brown. I am still not over it from when it was the new black about a decade ago.

Your turkey day food looked and sounded divine...yum. I expect you and Lala to blow me away (okay, I'll help, but I'm the support staff on this) at xmas.

And no offense, but onions, prunes and shiitakes? :-P I'm not a *true* foodie yet I fear.