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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I am so in love with America today

Look at what happened! Isn't it exciting? Even if you're not a democrat you have to admit it is thrilling to see record numbers turning out at the polls and demanding such dramatic change.

I admit I was feeling hopeless about our government. I felt like it had been hijacked and that people like you and me were helpless. But yesterday we saw democracy in action and WE THE PEOPLE took back our government. And now we have the first female speaker of the house! This is truly an awe-inspiring and humbling moment to witness.

Of course, the hard work has just begun. This country must be in an awful amount of pain to demand such big changes in the government. But voting in a new crew is not the quick fix we'd like it to be. We still need to pay attention and help our elected officials keep their eye on the prize: life, liberty, and the pursit of happiness for ALL Americans.

Today is a day of hope. If you've been feeling frustrated and stalled about anything in your life today why not consider today a new beginning? Today I believe each and every once of us has a little piece of power.


Hevansrich said...

Two More Years! Two More Years! (until Bush is gone!) and yes, I did vote for Schwarzenegger.

Writermama said...

I felt that hope, too, and it was so exhilerating. I had forgotten what hope felt like.

I couldn't help thinking of Bush and co as giant, insidiously balloons that had just been deflated--kind of like the brownshirts just after the end of WWII.

Co said...

Yes, I am happy, too. Our former coworker RK (with whom I'm still in touch) described her mood as downright "giddy."

I love that Dems not only took back the house (and it's looking now like the Senate, too), but Dems took the lead in the house by way more seats than I had even hoped for. I love that even with same-sex marriage pointless referendums to get the conservatives out to vote, it wasn't enough to keep control.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm feeling pretty chipper, too. Democrats took back the Oregon House, as well, and retained the governorship. The only race here where the wrong person won was in the reelection campaign of the Republican Speaker of the House, evil lying bitch Karen Minnis. I take some comfort in knowing that she will no longer be speaker and will no longer have the power to single-handedly scuttle a civil unions bill supported by a majority of Oregonians. Not that civil unions are sufficient, but you get my general drift.

Adriana Velez said...

The news just kept getting better and better yesterday. I was in shock -- Rummy, too? Is it my birthday???

Don, Don, Don. Watch out for all those unknown unknowns out there.

As I sobbed over the playdough yesterday Jasper kept saying, "Mommy, why are you laughing?"