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Saturday, January 20, 2007

About the boy: seen and heard

Here are a few of our favorite Jasper moments of the week.

Lane and I were engaged in an intense conversation. All right, there were some raised voices, but we were NOT arguing. Jasper ran in and said, "It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter!"

Examining his dinner he told me, "I'm not into the fish here, but I'm into the bread and I'm into the tomatoes."

And cuddling with me just tonight he said, "You're the sweetest mom in the whole, whole universe." He's been getting some love-talk coaching from Lane lately but that one was spontaneous and unprompted.

Finally, in school recently Jasper learned a cool trick for putting on his coat. He lays it flat on the ground and, standing at the hood, puts his arms in the sleeves, flips the coat over his head, and there he is! Dang, I should have photographed one of the many times he demonstrated this for us. If I can I'll get a picture or two and post it here.

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Co said...

I remember learning to put my coat on that way, too. But I think I was much older than Jasper.