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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Find of the week: the Women's Bean Project

One of the best gifts I received this year came from my gifting-genius sister, Angelica. She sent me a box of bean soups from the Women's Bean Project, based in Denver, Colorado. Each bundle consists of beans, spices, and a recipe for making chili or stew (add fresh ingredients). The Bean Project also packages and sells cake mixes, spice rubs, coffee, and other fun treats.

The Bean Project is not just about the food, however. It's a program for disadvantaged women that provides job training and teaches life skills. Every bag of beans is signed by the woman who packaged it. This is my favorite part of the gift: seeing that signature makes me feel connected to another human being and brings home the reality that this is a project that helps individuals.

The beans aren't bad, either. My favorite so far is the 10-bean stew. Isn't it beautiful?

You can order products online on their website or at several stores around the US.

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Design Mom said...

What a wonderful product! I'm so happy you shared this.