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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The goose has landed

How does that quote go again?

Anyway, I'm doing the relaunch a day early. I will be publishing on Wednesdays in the future but I was just to excited about the new format. In this week's issue of What I Made for Dinner you'll find the following posts:

  • Au revoir, Saveur
  • About the boy: seen and heard
  • Find of the week: the Women's Bean Project
  • What's for dinner? Malaysian flavors

Hope you like this format -- a main article, a post on Jasper, a good food/kitchen find, and an a question/answer column (send your questions about food and cooking to Next week there will be more recipes! And be sure to check out Design Mom, where I am posting every day this week as a guest blogger.


Anonymous said...

I am digging this new format. Oh sure, I miss the day-to-day because you've become like a comfortable sweater--something warm and comforting at the beginning of a day. But now, this is like the anticipation of an inviting feast that has a familiar, cozy feel to it--like we've all been getting together every week at Starbucks, but now we've decided break the routine a bit and make getting together a treat. Something to be looked forward to, rather than rushed to. In a word: divine.

The essay on Saveur, the Jasper-of-the-Week sidebar, your product recommendation, and your Q&A/Ask Adriana column are all great! Wow! I like how you're reinventing your format. Very well done, Adriana, very well done!

Design Mom said...

Smart new format. It's your own online magazine. Well done!

Anonymous said...

This is truly awesome. I love it. If this blog wasn't my favorite already, it would certainly move up there.

Angelbaby72 said...

Thanks for mentioning The womens bean project. I am super glad you liked them. I think I will subscribe to saveur. You have always spoken so highly of it.

Adriana Velez said...

Thanks everyone! Hope you keep reading. I know the main article was way long. Next week's should have more photos and less rambling.

Annoymous said...

I also dig the new format but the font color is a little hard on the eyes. But afterall it's the content we're after. Great blog. I'm now a converted "foodie"