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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The key to enjoying a three-year-old's birthday party

Planning ahead and being prepared help a lot. But the key is to down two apricot mimosas on a nearly-empty stomach just as your guests are arriving. Everything will go smoothly after that -- and even if something does go awry, you'll be you'll be ever so relaxed and groovy about it.

I made Jasper a Buzz Lightyear cake complete with the requested three-eyed alien, profiteroles for the first time, fruit salad, and these fritata things baked in my muffin tins. I lined each cup with filo dough (puff pastry would have been better) and poured in a batter of egg, cream, salt and pepper, then topped with grueyere. I added chopped bell peppers, bacon, and scallions to half of these for the less picky eaters.

The kids enjoyed beating the star around with an umbrella, but eventually we had to take it down and allow eight preschoolers jump on it and tear it apart to get to the kinder eggs and lollipops. Our only girl guest hid in horror at the savagery of the little boys. Otherwise a great time was had by all.

I'm not thrilled with how the food pictures came out, but I guess I'm obligated to publish them this being a food blog after all. Notice how the purple and green fruit salad matches the cake...


liz said...

seriously best food ever for a kids birthday party.

happy birthday jasper!

we always have that issue with pinatas- no one can ever break them. it didn't seem to be an issue back when i was a kid at parties. maybe kids these days just don't get to hit things as often as they did back then.

awesome party- love the cake!

Swizzies said...

Happy birthday to Jasper - we found a couple more kinder eggs at our house, and now they will always remind us of Jasper. :-)

Anonymous said...

Let me know if/when you run short on Kindereier. I have two sources here... The British Pantry in Aldie, VA, and the German Gourmet Deli in Falls Church, VA. All within reasonable driving distance.

Happy Birthday, Jasper. That's some spread your mom made and I love your cake! That's pretty cool, especially since it was homemade. That alone gives you bragging rights on the playground!

janeannechovy said...

The eggy thingies sound yummy--like homemade mini-quiches. Mmmmm, quiche. One of the many things I'm looking forward to getting back to upon weaning. Profiteroles are right up there, too.

Glad the party was so nice.

Adriana Velez said...

Thanks, Janet. I brought all those eggs back from Swiss because the last time I'd looked there weren't any in the Polish markets around Lane's studio. But then at the party our Polish friend Alex told us we could easily find them in his neighborhood.

Argg... oh well, at least I had one fewer errands to run before the party!