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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine, I suck

I had one of those weeks. Thursday I didn't cook or write because my sister and her husband came into town and we went out for dinner (Ping's in Chinatown, where I ordered badly and got a "scallops" dish that was overwhelmed by bell peppers, asparagus, and tripe). Friday we all went to the Natural History Museum. I skipped dinner because I was feeling sick. I spent the night vomiting -- Exorcist, projectile vomiting. I spent Saturday in bed with the aches and Sunday in the same pajamas skulking around the apartment. Monday I was better but I still didn't cook because one of my Swiss friends, Lara, and her new beau, were in town. We had tapas at Tia Pol -- excellent. That brings us to tonight. I made some lazy-ass Rachel Ray-esque chicken pot pie that was tasty but I'm too ashamed to write about it.

Remember those greens I wrote about last week? They were OK, but the copious leftovers sat in the refrigerator all week. They just weren't delicious enough. I guess if I want to eat greens I'll have to resort to cooking collards in bacon grease.

Here's hoping you get all the candies and goodies you have coming to you this Valentines!


shaunamama said...

Oh I hope you didn't have that horrible flu that was going around. I sure hope your aches and pains are a thing of the past soon!

I laughed right out loud when I read the front of that card. The last one sent had my sides aching.

Feel better AV!!

liz said...

feel better soon.

hope it is that crazy illness going on in the water these days that leaves babies on doorsteps 9 months later. although it doesn't really sound like it and that's so not my business.

Adriana Velez said...

Liz, you're funny. No, I'm afraid it was just boring food poisoning. No one else had it. Let's just say that the next time I got to the Museum of Natural History I'll be packing a sack lunch!

Writermama said...

I think this was a very brave post, especially the part about your greens sitting in the fridge all week, untouched. I'm not sure I could have admitted that about my own greens.

Take care!

(I also hate when I order badly!)

Luisa Perkins said...

Adriana, I hope you feel better soon. Yuck--Patrick, all five kids, and I all had that, too. Many loads of laundry later....PS We eat greens in bacon grease all the time. Good and good for you!

Lane said...

Aw, thanks, Writermama. That's nice of you to say.

Adriana, not Lane