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Monday, March 05, 2007


Have you ever seen the movie What's Up Doc? One of the characters (not Babs) pronounces hors'd'oeuvres "ordoovers." I think of that character every time I attend a cocktail party. It's not a bad thing to have an occasion to remember What's Up Doc.

We had some excellent ordoovers at a party this weekend.

Mushroom canapes -- I don't know what was in them besides mushrooms on puff pastry but I think butter must have played a large role.

Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto -- asparagus is in season, yay! Salty prosciutto brings out the sweet in asparagus.

Pigs in a blanket -- the hostess made these with puff pastry as well, prompting one guest to call them pigs in a cloud. There was some kind of wonderful mustard.

Bufalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and basil on a stick -- much more graceful than the way I just put it. The cherry tomatoes were each wrapped in a basil leaf, and then a ball of mozzarella the same size was added. There was a sweet and tart sauce of balsamic vinegar, two fancy kinds of mustards, honey, and something else all mixed together.

Deviled eggs topped with capers -- these were so yummy I found myself wondering why I don't eat deviled eggs all the time.

Dates stuffed with almonds and wrapped in bacon -- don't we all love just about anything wrapped in bacon?

There were also cheeses, which for some reason I missed, and a decadent foie gras mousse with truffles.

For dessert our hostess served spice cake with a frosting of her own invention flavored with cream cheese, maple syrup, and cloves. Lordy! It was good -- and I rarely say that about a non-chocolate dessert.

Hope your weekend was delicious.


shaunamama said...

Oh great... just when I thought I had a handle on my midnight cravings. I come over here and now I think I'm starving. Great.

The party and the food sounded fabulous!

Lindsey said...

Yum. I saw those bacon wrapped dates on Martha (?) a couple of weeks ago. Or was it a different show. They may have stuffed them with cheese.....

All of those sound delicious.

Luisa Perkins said...

Man, you go to good parties. Lucky. What's Up, Doc has a permanent spot in our Happy Kid DVD Rotation. And I'm running off to vote for you right away.

ks said...

I almost hate to share this with you and your readers, but I have been carrying this burden alone for far too long. A great aunt of mine (deceased since c. 1989) who I adored for her crassness (she was raised Mormon but turned "jack" so I think you'll appreciate this, as I do) was pretty much "in her cups" with Canadian whiskey and water throughout my childhood. She was a GREAT cook, and I spent a great deal of time at her house as a child. Though she taught me to love food and cooking, and to not associate these loves with being a Mormon housewife, she also referred to "hors' doeuvre" as "whores' ovaries," something I STILL cannot keep out of my head after years and years of working in fine restaurants and catering on the side during grad school. The stuffed dates recipe you shared particularly makes me think of this, for some reason.

Love your site and your recipes. I hope you'll find this amusing--not disgusting or disrespectful!

Adriana Velez said...

Not at all, KS. That's, er, HYSTerical!

Swizzies said...

Hee hee, love What's Up Doc! We called 'em whores ovaries too. Oy.

I seriously love and adore bacon-wrapped dates - they are my fave. Your friend's cake reminded me of one my mom makes that is SO GOOD - it's got mandarin oranges all in the batter, and comes out tasting orange-y but also caramel-y. And the icing is basically whipped cream made with a lot of brown sugar. It's insanely good... Crap, now I'm craving it and I can't get any brown sugar here. :-(

Hey - what's up with the "less and less about food"?? I want my AV food fix! Also, what's up with the pic of Nigella and Man, but no explanation? Did you SEE HER IN THE (VOLUPTUOUS) FLESH???

Hevansrich said...

oh! thanks for the explanation Di! I'm such a dork and (now, painfully, obviously) not a foodie that I thought the new photo was of Katie Holmes and some unknown male not Tom Cruise! I couldn't make it any larger to try and convince myself differently...