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Thursday, March 22, 2007

There's a party going down in Brooklyn

I've been excited about our summer plans -- we're housesitting for friends in Northern California. But then I remembered one wonderful thing we're going to miss out on: Celebrate Brooklyn.

Long-time readers of WIMFD know that this is the highlight of our summer. We've been going for years. Each summer BRIC puts on a series of performances in Prospect Park. It's always a wide variety of fantastic performances by everyone from Mark Morris to Prince himself. This year you can see THE Nevile Brothers, Manu Chau, a Flamenco group from Spain, and Brooklyn Bollywood night. They usually have three performances a week, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. New Yorkers, you must attend for me!

These performances are very child-friendly. You can bring a picnic dinner (no glass bottles) and just park yourselves on the grass. Or you can buy dinner there. You can usually find a frisbee or soccer game somewhere near the back if the kids get antsy. Or you can take them to the playground right behind the banshell. The fee for each performance is $3 per person, or as I see it, practially free. (Actually the fee is voluntary.)

Or, if you want good seats up front, show up early for the seated section. Even better, get a family membership and you're guaranteed seats for all the performances -- for the price of dinner out and a sitter. Seriously, $125 and you get 4 seats saved for you all summer. It's so worth it!


Swizzies said...

Ah New York. They do put on some great shindigs there, don't they?

shaunamama said...

Have a wonderful time in NC. It sounds fun....those concerts sound pretty awesome too. Ah the conundrums you find yourself in are sure to be the envy of some of your readers including this one. We're going to OK this summer to hang at mom-in-laws pool for ten days. (not bad, I know...but you know how I love concerts.)