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Thursday, April 05, 2007

My first seder

Here's my handsome guys all dressed up for the occasion.

Some of you may remember my post on last-year's seder (I know it says "Pork Borbignonne-ish" but scroll down to Part II). We've been attending this cocktail-party-of-a seder for years as a couple. This time the kids were invited. I was a little trepidatious about how Jasper would do at a china-laid table in an art-filled home.

Look at the little angel. Who would guess at the devil that lurks beneath? Lucky for us all this was a tantrum-free evening.

The short story:
matzo ball soup
filet mignon with gravy
steamed asparagus with crumbled hard-boiled eggs and tomatoes
latkes with apple sauce and sour cream
green salad
assorted cheeses
lemon chiffon cake
chocolate mocha torte
macaroons (meregnes, not coconut)
three well-behaved and happy small children
11 adult celebrants
1 broken plate (not by Jasper -- phew!)
0 strangers standing outside the door
0 sightings of prophet Elijah

More on the seder coming soon!


Co said...

Um... we had brisket, roast chicken, kugel, macaroons, etc. Nothing like your event. But we did have the fancy Manishewitz Extra Heavy Malaga wine. (Even were I not been sticking to grape juice, I would not have been able to stomach that degree of sweetness.)

I love where we go for seder (at my college roommates' parents' house). I love that it was my tradition first and when I got together with a Jew, I was able to take her with me for MY Jewish tradition.

So, did Jasper help find the Afikomen? We had a shy 2-year-old find it and she was pretty freaked out by all the attention, but it was cute.

Looks like you all had a very pleasant time. :-)

Adriana Velez said...

No, Jasper didn't find the Afikomen. I'm afraid I did. But it was up on a shelf where the smaller kids couldn't see it! So I called Jasper over and one of the other kids came instead (a 4-year-old). I picked him up and let him pull the Afikomen out, which was still fun.