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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rhubarb love thighs

Haha. So rhubarb, another welcome harbinger of spring. Luisa was just reminding me of fiddlehead ferns -- any day now! -- and I've been looking forward to ramps. But back to the rhubarb. You know, it needn't be restricted to pie. There's rhubarb ginger jam (JaneAnne, recipe?). And you can use it in savory dishes as well.

2 tablespoons butter
8 chicken thighs, skin and bones intact
2 minced garlic cloves
8 medium stems rhubarb, chopped
1 cup chicken stock
1/2 cup white wine*
sour cream

Season thighs with salt and pepper and brown in butter in batches. Add garlic to hot pan and then add all the thighs. Add rhubarb and chicken stock. Bring to a boil and then simmer on low for about 30 minutes, until chicken is cooked through. Remove chicken and keep warm. Strain sauce of rhubarb and cook sauce on high heat. Add wine and push rhubarb through a mesh strainer into sauce (don't worry about getting every last bit). Stir occasionally, scraping bottom of pan, and reduce sauce until almost at candy stage. Pour over chicken thighs and garnish with sour cream.

Just as you need a scoop of vanilla (or ginger) ice cream with rhubarb pie, a bit of sour cream cuts the tartness of savory rhubarb just enough. Creme fraiche would work well, too. I tried to be fancy and piped the sour cream through a pastry bag. The remind me of Day of the Dead sugar skulls for some reason.

On a completely different subject, Jasper is going through a princess phase. That's right, princess. He's still into superheroes, pirates, swords, light sabers, and shooting people with his finger, but today and yesterday he did it in an old slip of mine. Ma Vie en Rose? Probably not. We'll indulge in this little metrosexual behavior because once he reaches five or six he'll most likely go through that gender identity thing where kids are either boy boys or girl girls.

It's a little weird -- but also nice. We're pretty sure we only want once child, which means I'll never have a daughter. So it's kind of fun to pretend Jasper is a little girl. Well, just for a day or two. Hope our laissez faire parenting isn't screwing up our child.

*Actually, I used Saranac Pomegranate Wheat beer. Lane brought some home. Wow, I said, pomegranate beer -- you try it first. But it's actually pretty good and harmonized well with the rhubarb sauce. Honestly, though, do we have to put pomegranate in everything now?


shaunamama said...

AH yes, another food adventure for me to try someday. I'll more than likely try the beer first. I've been going for those "spiced" or "apricot" or "orangey" beers lately. I love them. Ever had Blue Moon? De.Lect.A.Ble!

Co said...

I've never cooked with rhubarb. A must-try recipe. Thanks.

Lindsey said...

I saw rhubarb at the store the other day but there were only a few stalks left. I love it, but haven't had it since I moved away from Grandma's garden.

By the way, O Wise One, how do you choose the rhubarb--do you look for certain things when choosing? Or are all the stalks about the same?

And I'm anxious to try this recipe because a) I love rhubarb, b) I have never had it in a savory dish, and c) can't get enough of the chicken thighs these days.

Luisa Perkins said...

Yu-HUM. So glad you posted this. I'm growing rhubarb this year, and while I love it in sweets, this will be terrific to try.

And mmmmmm, ramps. Spring = good.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, just look for stalks that are blemish-free, firm to the touch, etc. Beyond that I've never noticed a difference.

Congrats on growing rhubarb, Luisa! Did you get an old root, or a younger one that sends up little wee mini stalks?

Swizzies said...

Hell, I got nothin. I really like the title of your post (heh heh), but I have No Opinion on rhubarb (ick-ish) or pomegranate (yum-ish).

Kate said...

G. Mary made a rhubarb crisp on Sunday and I LOVED it. J doesn't like it much, buut he'll tolerate it if it's put in front of him. I'm like me mum; apparantly Mary cooked it for her when Dad brought oer over on a date-thing. When she expressed her love for the stuff, Mary fell in love with her.

shaunamama said...

I tried the Blood Orange Salmon tonight... We loved it! I couldn't get blood oranges,but used navel oranges instead and it was still wonderful.

Way to go, AV! I LOVE that recipe. We're definitely putting that on the list of "must have again!"