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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Things you're not supposed to think about while watching Munich

The assassins gather for another feast cooked by Avner. Image courtesy of Jasper.

1. I love how much Avner cooks. Sure it's just a plot device to show how hard he works to avoid sitting still and thinking, but it's so sexy.

2. Oh look, it's 007! More of him, please.

3. Will you look at that spread? I want the cookbook to this movie.

4. Wow, Rome is stunning. I'm dying to go there.

5. Wow, Paris is stunning. I'm dying to go there.

6. Oooh, swell houseboat.

7. Three assassins down. Thank you for not killing off 007.

8. Wait a minute, Avner just quit and returned to Brooklyn. Does this mean no more 007?

9. Of course he settles in Brooklyn. It's the promised land.

10. That wasn't Rome. That was Malta. I'm dying to go there.


Lindsey said...

Yeah....LOTS more of 007. We bought the movie and I really like to pop it in and just watch certain parts. He's so freakin' smokin'. 100% man. I could go on, but I might start embarrassing myself and my family.

Beth said...

That photo is hysterical!

That movie is so heavy duty, to see it recreated like that made me laugh out loud.

Luisa Perkins said...

What Lindsey said. Thanks for a good laugh on this gross, gross, rainy, grey day.

Carmen said...

Love Jasper's image! and I love that you have those vintage Fisher Price figures -- especially the dogs!! Brings back many fond memories for me.