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Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday night, alone with my Campari

Lane has been working late and I don't know how much of him I'll see this weekend -- he's got a Monday morning deadline for a big project. So I treated Jasper and myself to sushi and now he's watching The Little Mermaid. I though having a boy would mean skipping this one. I hate the movie. Poor, self-loathing, scantily-clad Ariel, boy crazy, makes a very bad bargain (stupid girl) with a witch, isn't assertive enough to kiss the Prince herself to ensure her own happiness, and then has to be rescued by Dad and the Prince. And as if that's not bad enough, SHE DOESN'T EVEN DIE AT THE END LIKE SHE'S SUPPOSED TO. Is this movie just as toxic for boys as it is for girls?

Jasper saw an Ariel doll at his friend's apartment and wanted to play with it, probably because it's so shiny and part fish. His friend wouldn't let him. I think that made him want one of those dolls even more because he's been asking for one ever since. Being Ms. Liberal Open-minded Mother of the Aughts I bought one for him and it only increased his appetite for mermaidmania. We had to go and rent the movie.

He loves the ladies, though. Wonder Woman is still going strong, his favorite Shrek character is Fiona, now crazy about Ariel. Where is this going? And why hasn't it made him stop pretending to shoot every adult he encounters on the sidewalk? (With his finger, and he does it with a playful smile, so I think it's some goofy male way of wanting to connect.) I mean, if he's going girly on me could I at least get some of the benefits?

I don't care how good the digital remastering is or how "fun" the music is. TLM is annoying. Harrumph.


Lindsey said...

Very funny post.

I somehow became the owner of Fox and the Hound and Beauty and the Beast. We watched F&TH. Great. Lilly loved it. She laughed. She expressed worry at all the appropriate parts. It was a good show for her. I don't think I had ever seen it all the way through. Then later I put on B&TB. NO interest whatsoever. Barbies? Ha! She carries around a handful of cars all day.

I'm so proud.

Janet M Kincaid said...

I watched Peter Pan (the Disneyfied version) the other day for the first time in ages and was appalled at not only all of the gender stereotypes, but the racial ones as well. The scenes with the Indians (i.e. "Red Men" and "Squaws") had me cringing. Gak.

Perhaps you should show Jasper "Cars." Decent gender balance and very male. Or "The Incredibles" is another good one.

Adriana Velez said...

We saw Peter Pan recently, too, and Gak is the word! We have Cars and like it a lot -- liked Incredibles, too. I'm happy to say Jasper only wanted to see Little Mermaid once and it's now back at the rental shop. Hah!

I'll have to check out F&TH. Other movies we both love are the Hayao Miyazake films -- Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki the Witch, Panda Go Panda -- wonderful. He likes the Wallace & Gromit movies and both Charlie in the Chocolate Factory movies (I'm not crazy about the remake -- delightful Depp gets buried under the special effects). And our family favorite is The LIfe Aquatic. I'll have to post about that one someday.