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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

It's my birthday Wednesday! You know, I hit my mid 30's and it suddenly occurred to me: I'm getting older. Why am I celebrating this? But I am glad to have yet another year of life and to find myself in good health and finding joy in life. I'm glad my birthday is in May -- that's just when the weather gets lovely (but not beastly hot) and I rediscover the optimism that usually hides during the winter.

We had an impromptu dinner party tonight on the roof. I marinated some beef in garlic, olive oil, and salsa and then skewered it with red bell pepper and tomatillos. We also had grilled corn. Tomorrow night Lane and I go to a little art-related party and then out for dinner. I'll report on that tomorrow!


Liz said...

happy birthday! Mine is Thurs...did I already know we shared a b-day week?

cheers to us!

Janet M Kincaid said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Adriana! Hope today is a fabulous one for you!



Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday!!

Luisa Perkins said...

Many happy returns of the day, young'un!

Co said...

Happy birthday. Hope you have an amazing day.

ME said...

Happy birthday, Adriana! Will you be having a Wonder Woman cake?

Mary Ellen

janeannechovy said...


Swizzies said...

Happy birthday, A!! I am glad you get all happy in the spring near your birthday, that is GOOD.

Have fun out with Lane and without Jasper. :-)


Hevansrich said...

Happy Happy Birthday Adriana Dear!
Happy things will come to you all year!
If I had one wish then it would be
A Happy Happy Birthday to you from me!