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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hey, look! Passion fruit

I've had passion fruit sorbet, passion fruit juice, passion fruit gum, but I've never actually held a fresh passion fruit in my hand until today. The skins are purple and leathery, smooth with bumps here and there.

Cut it in half and the interior is filled with seeds and viscus, yellow goo. Now what?

I strained the goo of the seeds and stirred it into some thick Greek yogurt along with some honey -- it's tart. I'm enjoying this now. If I bought more I could heat it with some sugar and use it as a sauce overpanna cotta.

And that's all I've got today. For the past two evenings we've had a wonderful man over to fix the wall in our bathroom* so I haven't made dinner. I know having a stranger in your bathroom all evening shouldn't keep me from cooking dinner, but it did. Last night we had takeout Indian and tonight we had more of that ramps cream cheese over pumpernickel with turkey slices. We also had blackberries dipped into yogurt.

Is it just me, or does having PMS create a negative force field around you, too? We had a rough morning today. Jasper didn't want to eat his breakfast and I had a hard time dragging him away from his games to go to class. Just as we were at the door he decided he wanted to finish his peanut butter and banana toast after all. Exasperated, I went downstairs to drag my bike out of the basement. I had a particularly hard time getting it up the stairs and ended up getting grease on my skirt and almost falling down the stairs with my bike on top of me. (This is probably because I'd skipped breakfast in order to justify getting a decadent cheese danish at the bakery by Jasper's class. I never, ever skip breakfast.) By the time I made it back upstairs to get Jasper he was pounding on the door calling Mommy Mommy because I'd been gone for something like 15 minutes. He had pulled the bookmark out of my book and was babbling about it. I took the bookmark and shoved it back into the book. He started wailing about wanting to "fix it."

I yelled JASPER I'VE HAD IT! grabbed him and carried him out the door. He started really crying and yelled, "Don't be mean to me!" This made me feel horrible, of course. Don't be mean to me. held Jasper and told him I was sorry. Sometimes moms get mad.

We were later than usual to class and I didn't make him use the restroom. Sure enough, when I picked him up afterward he'd had an accident. Luckily I'd packed some extra pants (see, I don't completely suck as a mother).

I pedaled my way up the Slope back home. With the hot noonday sun, the laptop in my backpack, and Jasper in the seat behind me it was hard work getting up the hill. When we arrived I was panting, I guess. As I dismounted a woman who had passed me with her stroller turned back and asked me, with and expression of great concern, "Are you all right? Do you need some help?" Oh brother, am I that out of shape? I look like I need medical attention after biking uphill for 15 minutes?

Also later that day I spilled half a cup of iced coffee all over the bathroom floor at Target. Oh bla bla bla, my tales of woe are boring. But in between these low moments were lovely moments, like when Jasper told the man who fixed our bathroom wall, totally unprompted, "wow, you did a good job fixing our wall!" And there was the message Jasper put in the mother's day card he made me in class today. That message is just for me, but it made me care a bit less about the mommy meltdown, pants wetting, sweaty bike ride, and spilled coffee.

*He's fast and good, so if you live in the NY metro area and need work done e-mail me and I'll give you his contact info. He's also delightful with kids. People like him are hard to find.


liz said...

you are a great mom. we all have days like that when the patience boils over.

my fav is when zane says 'mom- no shouting!' and 'mommy, be nice to zane'

Hevansrich said...

Adriana - any woman who bikes her child around in hot weather and in a SKIRT is certainly NOT a bad mother! I whine sometimes about having to load everyone into their car seats in our nice air-conditioned van to get to Target! You keep going, girl. Also, there is another member of our family who only comes around on rare occasions - she is MEAN MOMMY and boy, does she get the job done. Everyone listens to her (they can't help it, she's a screamer) and gets them to do exactly what nice mommy has been trying to get them to do for the last half hour. She makes our home a happier place, believe it or not, for the break she gives nice mommy.

Tania said...

Passionfruit!! Where did you get that? Don't tell me - the co-op.

I used to eat it all the time, but haven't had a fresh one since moving to the US. I brought some canned home from Australia for the top of my pavlova's. Not too bad.

When I was a kid we had a passionfruit vine in the backyard. Try cutting a section of the skin away and then just slurping out the insides - yummy.

Tania said...

Oh, I forgot. They are usually less tart as they get more ripe. The the skins will be darker, and more bumpy - kind of shrivelled looking, but not too shrivelled (how's that for an exact description?)

Fresh passionfruit! I may not get over this jealousy for days.

shaunamama said...

What a day! Kudos to you for even biking in a skirt in New York anywhere let alone a hill with a full load on your back & on the bike! ACK! I'm worn out just reading your post.

I bet the passion fruit was refreshing!
Glad the wall is fixed...done & dusted!

Luisa Perkins said...

I've been thinking about your bathroom; I'm glad it's fixed now!

All moms have days like that--and that negative force field is REAL. When I've got it going on and I'm less than my best self, Daniel will say, "Mom, don't be a yell."

Swizzies said...

I just want to know if it was that extra-groovy skirt you bought in Switzerland??

Adriana Velez said...

Thanks, everyone. I'm only biking in a skirt because I'm too bloated (PMS) to wear pants.

Speaking of the skirt, no, Swizzies, it was thankfully not the fun skirt I bought in Basel! I have been wearing that one recently, though, and I feel like Demeter herself ushering in spring in it! No, it was an old Gap skirt, and I ruined it more by absent-mindedly throwing it into the regular wash. Now the stains are permanently set. Oh welll, I'll just have to wear the fun Swiss skirt more.