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Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's Lane's fault

The excuse of the day is that Lane is in the city attending some fancy event while I stay home with Jasper, having a couple slices from the pizzeria around the corner, eating leftover cucumber salad, and watching Shrek. I'll cook tomorrow, I swear. I have some fun meals planned.

Speaking of Lane, he just collaborated with Dieu Donne Papermill on a new print. Looks amazing, though it's much more expensive than the Mad Hatters print.

I had a weird day today. We've entered strange, new territory, Jasper and I. Jasper's passion for Wonder Woman has reached new heights and he now has her planted in his little hand 24 hours a day. That's right, he even sleeps with her. Today he asked for a Wonder Woman book. Since I'm one of those moms who feel it's important instill in her child A Love of Literature I said OK, and off we went on the search.

At B*rnes & N*ble we looked through the graphic novels section and found only one book on Wonder Woman, a lurid adult publication that included a shower scene. Oh yeah,WW's primary fan base consists of sweaty-palmed males aged 12-45. And here I am trying to instill in my son a respect for powerful women. Wonder Woman as feminist empowerment figure? Silly mommy.

In the children's section is was all Spider Man as far as superheroes go, so I wandered the streets asking around until I was directed to the neighborhood comic store. I never thought I'd find myself in a comic book store. I'd always considered comic book land as the domain of supremely geeky boys. Boys who don't date. Boys who dress up in costumes not on Halloween but any day. As I expected, the store did smell of sweat an moldy socks, and there was a supercilious kid in an oversized sweatshirt hovering at the counter.

Look, comic book readers, I grew up watching princess movies and playing barbies. I read the Anne Of books. What do I know of comic land?

Apparently there is a more child-friendly version of Justice League comics -- Wonder Woman is a member so I know Jasper would like it. (She's also in the Cartoon Network animated series). But the store was out of the current copy. So we bought a Wonder Woman comic in which she remains dressed, sort of.

Later on at the pizzeria I was reading the book to Jasper while they heated our slices. I had the book open when I noticed a young man staring at us. Was he checking me out? Then I realized -- he was checking out the Wonder Woman comic. Hmm, what to make of Wonder Woman...


Luisa Perkins said...

Hey, I love my Mad Hatters print. It hangs right by my bed, where I can see it while I read, write, and/or sweep the hall floor.

P is WW's lawyer. I'll see if we can dig up something in print that's more child-friendly. If we come up with something, I'll let you know.

I can totally visualize your pizza boy drooling from afar--tee, hee.

BWaterman said...

gloria steinem was a consultant on the wonder woman reinvention in the late-80s. you might ask around the comic shops for that series, though they're probably collectors items by now.

i love the idea that jasper loves wonder woman so. have you netflixed the 70s TV series? i'm going to scour ebay for linda carter pin-ups for his next birthday.

Co said...

I loved Wonder Woman as a kid. I had 2 Wonder Woman dolls, but the heads always fell off so I gave up after the second one died a horrible decapitation death during ordinary play.

It's cute that Jasper likes Wonder Woman.

The man in the pizzeria incident is hysterical.

Paul O'Brian said...

I'd always considered comic book land as the domain of supremely geeky boys. Boys who don't date. Boys who dress up in costumes not on Halloween but any day.

Hey, now! I am a supremely geeky boy, but I do date! (Or, I did.)

It's true that superhero comics nowadays are more oriented towards adults than kids. It is also true that superhero comic artists have an annoying proclivity for drawing ridiculous-looking women with breasts bigger than their heads. However, it wasn't, and isn't, always that way.

I'm not a great resource for Wonder Woman, since my fandom lies more on the Marvel side, but I think you'd do well to check out some earlier stuff. The major publishers do a good job of reprinting old stuff, though, so in addition to the young readers Justice League, you might try a book like Showcase Presents: Wonder Woman, which is a reprint of 1970s Wonder Woman comics. It's in black and white, but it's cheap and huge (over 500 pages.) Oh, and, uh... it's not out yet. It's scheduled for August. :)