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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pirates of the Slope

We decided to celebrate the end of Jasper's little class with a party, and since the day fell on my turn to teach I got to throw the party. I borrowed a few ideas from the pirate party we went to a couple of weeks ago and a few other ideas from this fairy party article from Cookie. I had to -- when else am I going to get to throw such a girly party?

For the pirates I filled a large, wooden bowl from Hawaii (inherited from Lane's aunt Ada) with Pirate's Booty and Veggie Booty on one side, and pita sandwiches wrapped in brown waxed paper and tied with string on the other side. I love this sandwich idea -- the pitas keep everything tidy and are novel. The packaging is like a little present, but is also sort of rustic, which for some reason seems piratey to me. (I made pbj and chicken salad with apple.) We went on a treasure hunt to find some hidden cupcakes and I filled some coconut shells with jelly beans.
I made almost the same fairy punch, substituting fresh blueberries for the raspberries and using last year's violet syrup instead of rose syrup. I came up with an easier way to fill the lemon cupcakes: poke a small hole into the top with a knife and then inject the lemon curd with a pastry bag and very small tip. When I frosted the cupcakes the frosting hid the incision, of course. I also added a little orange blossom water to the batter. It tasted all right, a little weird. But no one seemed to notice or mind.

I could have made a fruit salad, but one of the moms volunteered to bring baby carrots and that seemed to be enough for eight preschoolers, a few parents, and some toddler siblings. I've learned through sad experience that party planning can reach a point of diminishing returns, especially if you're making everything yourself -- I'm glad I kept the menu simple.

I loved this garland project. I cut fresh vines from the kudzu-like ivy growing outside our building and bought tiny white carnations and blue batchelor buttons. We tied the flowers onto the vines with kitchen twine. The little girls (and some of the moms) enjoyed this project, but the boys wanted nothing to do with it. Oh well.

Other activities included a tug-of-war, that game where everyone bounces a ball on a blanket like a trampoline, and an egg balancing game from Target (I can't find it on their site, sorry). The kids didn't seem to quite get the concept of the tug-of-war. They were all pulling in different directions, which was funny.

I couldn't take pictures because Lane was doing image research that day, but one of the dads is a professional photographer and took lots of shots that are going to be gorgeous, I'm sure. We will miss those little friends this summer.


shaunamama said...

The party sounds like a lot of fun! I can't wait to see those pics.

Luisa Perkins said...

I totally want to hire you to plan my kids' parties. It sounds like great fun!