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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


It's all about rhubarb right now. Over the weekend Amanda Hess published an article with several recipes in the NY Times (aka the only newspaper I ever read, apparently). Get 'em while they're fresh, that is, before you have to pay for the articles.

Remember that rhubarb jam recipe I asked JaneAnne for? She got it from me, on this blog. I don't remember anything these days. She made a few adjustments -- you can find the recipe and her recommendations here, along with some other delectable brunch recipes.


Douglas Cress said...

good looking stuff over at the NYTimes site.

Luisa Perkins said...

Why would you need more than the NYT?

Thanks for the link; that black bass sounds rockin.'

domestika said...

Fabulous timing! Trying to get the last of last year's rhubarb harvest used up out of the freezer, and watching a new crop just popping up out of the ground. New recipes are welcome - a girl can only eat just so much strawberry-rhubarb pie!