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Friday, May 11, 2007

Salmon pasta salad with fennel and olives

I am still breathlessly awaiting the arrival of the fresh wild salmon at the Coop. You could make this recipe with fresh salmon, poaching it first (as in cooking in hot water, not as in hunting illegally, though it may come to that for me if I don't see that fish at the Coop soon). I used smoked salmon, thick slices instead of the usual thinly-sliced.

1 lb pasta, cooked
olive oil1 1/2 cups smoked salmon, cut into bite-sized pieces
1 cup green olives, chopped
1 small fennel bulb with fronds
juice of 2 lemons

Toss cooked pasta immediately with enough olive oil to keep moist (1-2 tablespoons) and set aside to cool. Add salmon and olives. Slice the fennel bulb thinly, then roughly chop slices. Mince the fronds and add these and the bulb slices to the pasta. Add juice and combine.

I happened to use green olives stuffed with garlic, which you may find at Whole Foods, Fairway, Wild Oats, etc. And I used Bigoli Nobili durum wheat pasta made with radicchio, which you can find here. It's a hearty pasta that holds up well with salmon. I broke it into smaller pieces before cooking.

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