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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The shirts of summer

Still under the spell of Blue Hill I tried to create something using the combination of grapefruit and beet that I found so fresh in the little soup shots we had with dinner. But it didn't quite turn out. I braised some tilapila in grapefruit juice and fennel while I boiled a couple beets. Then I pureed the beets with a little olive oil and combined it with the braising liquids. This was supposed to be a sauce, but it was more soupy. Also, cooking grapefruit juice definitely mellowed its zing, which was not what I wanted. (So I revived me soup/sauce some by juicing the last bits out of the spent grapefruits.) And I've long known that cooking flesh in an acid will dry it out, and now I see that even goes for fish, no matter all the juices surrounding it.

Also there's something unsettling about seeing that much magenta on you plate. This one's still in R&D. All this is to say forget dinner; let's talk about t-shirts.

Here in Park Slope I am surrounded by adorable children's boutiques selling hip and equisite clothes and toys. For example, there is the re-made vintage Yellow Submarine t-shirt for a mere $58. Folks, I can't afford any of this stuff. It's nothing but the finest el cheapo duds at Old Navy and H&M for us. But every once in a while something catches my eye and is not horribly expensive (or is on sale) so I bite. Here are two recent favorites.

I obessed over this shirt for a couple weeks before I dared to peek into the store and find out who made it. Phew, Tea! I love just about everything Tea makes. It's all playful and tasteful. And though not cheap, it's not crazy expensive, either. I love the curly octopus, that shade of blue, the orange collar. I don't know why we have the text in Turkish, but somehow that's really cool, too.

And this t-shirt stopped me in my tracks when I passed by it. It's a monkey! It's a pirate! On sailor stripes! How can I say no? My son is only three and I've already gotten sucked into the cult of Julius the monkey. But c'mon, can you blame me?


Luisa Perkins said...

No, I cannot blame you, because I want one for myself! Both shirts are great choices.

As far as the beet/grapefruit attempt, I'm impressed with your reverse engineering skills. Keep trying, then bless us with your genius.

Swizzies said...

Tee hee - Jasper has a shirt with ME's sunburn printed on the front!! :-) Awesome.