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Monday, May 14, 2007

Summer squash sloppy Joes

I can't come up with my own ideas every night. Sometimes I, the WIMFD lady, need a little help. So I stroll through the web in search of other people's dinners. I've recently found out that Cookie has a kid-friendly recipe index culled from their print magazine as well as web exclusives. This is a new magazine, so they're still filling their bank. In fact, they're testing new recipes to add now, so I'll be checking in every month or so. I'm intrigued by the fish with pineapple sauce and the chicken tandoori, but today I tried something from the lunch menu.

Summer squash, zucchini, can be so boring. I've dutifully prepared it with other meals, and then it ends up as my least-favorite ingredient on the plate. Really, it's good in bread and that's about it. But I liked it in these sloppy Joes. They made the Joes a bit lighter (well, that and using ground turkey instead of beef). So if you and your neighbors find yourselves buried in zucchs this summer you might want to keep this recipe in mind.

I should add a few notes. First, the seasonings are keyed toward a young, picky eater's palate. If you and your kids embrace strong flavors you'll want to add more spice -- possibly twice the amounts indicated. Also, the recipe calls for diced squash and then recommends methods for shredding the squash in a note. Shredding will yield smaller pieces than diced. I used the latter and thought it turned out well. But if you want to actually "feel" the squash dice instead.

I still have some squash, so hopefully this week I'll be trying the baked zucchini fries as well!

I've added Cookie's recipe index to my blog roll call, along with the magazine's blog, Daysitter (fun news bits for parents). I've also been missing an important link, Lindsey's Just Recipes. Lindsey... well, Lindsey kicks ass. People, she makes her own croissants. Oh, the pastries on this blog. Well, you'll just have to take a look sometime when you're not at all hungry.

Something else I'm keeping an eye on is the 2007 Farm Bill. My mom brought this to my attention recently. A significant problem with this bill is that it subsidizes crops we don't need in such great quantities, particularly corn. The corn turns up as a sweetener in many, many snack foods and drinks, and some scientists have linked high frutcose corn syrup with obesity. Well, I'll let the experts explain it to you. Here's an article by Michael Pollan from the New York Times Magazine. And here's a page from Slow Food USA and another from Slow Food LA with resources and ways to contact your representatives (after you've done some reading and have decided how you feel about the issue).

Anyway, this bill is not just about farming, it's about FOOD. I'm saying this to myself, too -- Adriana, don't be lazy! Stay informed and press your local politicians to represent your interests.


liz said...

I second that motion about Lindsey- she pretty much rocks.

Lindsey said...


That's a real compliment--especially coming from you who also kicks ass. Thanks.

You know you are my favorite, right?

Those sloppy joes sound very good. SJ have got to be one of those things from my childhood that I would still eat everyday if I could. I like the addition of the squash. Sneaky, sneaky.

I'll have to take a closer look at Cookie.

Luisa Perkins said...

Can't wait to visit Lindsey! Very exciting. Michael Pollan ROCKS my world. Have you read The Omnivore's Dilemma yet?

Adriana Velez said...

I should have read Pollan's books, but I have read the reviews of his books. That sort of counts, right? Omnimore's Dilem. is on my list -- would really like to read it.